Why Popeye eat Spinach?

Posted: June 25, 2010 in Fun & Fact
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Anybody would know Popeye, the cartoon sailor thin and tall but  so powerful. He suddenly had super strength every time he ate a can of spinach. Is that so large a benefit of spinach? Let learn and judge on your own after read this.

As a work of fiction, of course, is fine if the cartoon is a bit dramatized the effects of eating spinach. Popeye which in normal circumstances have little posture and emaciated, in a flash able to fight Brutus, the main enemy, who bodied  is much greater after eating spinach.

Popeye is a cartoon character created by Elzie Crisler Segar, and was introduced in comic strip form in early 1929. Quickly, the figure is also depicted always chewed tobacco pipe was successfully achieved popularity during the 1930s.

In those days, Popeye cartoons are part of a campaign to eat vegetables among children. Although containing many nutrients, vegetables are less favored by the kids because it is considered bad in taste.

Quoted from the BBC, Sunday (05/30/2010), spinach is very rich content of various vitamins from A to K. It also contains many minerals, including potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron.

Spinach also contains other nutrients such as various essential amino acids and fiber. Fibers contained in spinach may prevent the constipation, hemorrhoid and irritable bowel syndrome.

Although not many clinical trials, spinach believed to overcome some health problems such as:

1. purify the blood after childbirth
2. strengthen hair roots
3. prevent low blood pressure
4. prevent anemia (anemia)
5. prevent kidney failure

Some people even believe that spinach is also efficacious for:

1. prevent the decrease of vision
2. prevent cataracts
3. prevent cancer.

Campaigns can be told through cartoons succeed, because the consumption of spinach in the United States recorded an increase to 33 percent when the popularity of the cartoon Popeye the sailor was so explosive. Still, there are interesting rumors, this hidden behind the campaign.

Rumor is related to the selection of spinach as Popeye’s secret weapon. There are many vegetables or other fruits are also rich in nutrients, but the creators chose spinach as the ‘fuel’ for this brave sailor.

Presumably the reason related to historical errors about the amount of iron content in spinach. In 1870, a scientist named Dr. E. Wolf Von mislay comma when writing the content of iron in spinach. This error causes excessive belief about the benefits of spinach.

Nobody realizes mistakes until 70 years later, when already known as Popeye eating spinach. In those days before it was revealed that the content of iron in vegetables is only one tenth of which was written by Dr. Wolf.

But this rumor was denied by Dr. Mike Sutton, scientists are trying to track down errors related content of iron in the Popeye’s favorite food. In conclusion, published in the Internet Journal of Ciminology year 2009, he mentions not sufficient proof of the existence of these errors.

Dr. Sutton calls it, the spinach was chosen not because it contains iron as rich in vitamin A. Whatever it is, many consume spinach and other vegetables will still provide benefits for health.

Huhuhu even though it is good for you to eat vegetable and not just spinach, i dislike vegetable in my meal… huhuhu sorry not my taste to eat it…  But to whom that like it, please enjoy it ” Selamat makan Bayam ye!!!” =)

  1. HzRaiN says:

    So,you should eat spinach.. Its good not only for Popeye but also for u..

    P/S :When I was a little girl I called Brutus as Pluto.. Ermm,I think Pluto is much2 better.. =}

  2. Nope, never want to try to eat it. There are many other thing that can be eat…weeee. Pluto is another person who love to eat hamburger in that Popeye series

  3. HzRaiN says:

    Oh really?? Pluto is the who look like uncle is it??

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