6 Animals Which Has a Perfect Camouflage Like Leaves

Posted: July 4, 2010 in Fun & Fact
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Weee… Animal world is very cruel (but I think human world is the most cruelest) so animal need some trick to survive.  One of the way is by the mercy of God, they had been gifted a unique physical for that purpose.  So let we check it out the amazing creature out there……….. =)

1. Katydid (Grasshopper Leaf)

Grasshopper “Withered Leaves,” below is an interesting creature, natural selection and evolution of these animals have been blessed with the ability to mimic the withered leaves to outwit predators view.

2. Dead Leaf Butterfly
Dead leaf butterfly is amazing creatures to be observed closely. Specimens below illustrates the complicated details found by adaptation through natural selection, which is the driving force of evolution. Details of this extraordinary help the butterfly to avoid predators by mimicking a dead leaf.
3. Praying mantis
Praying mantis has a very unique camouflage. Not only to deceive predators, but he is also very clever trick prospective prey. In addition to body shape that can resemble leaves or twigs, her body movements followed the movement of a twig or leaf blowing in the wind.
4. Phyllium giganteum
This insect has an elongated body, such as sticks and wings very shrunk or completely absent. These insects do not have a tympanum and he was producing the sound. These insects feed on plants and moving slowly, usually in trees or bushes, and is active at night (nocturnal).
5. Leaf tailed gecko
Often called as the devil tail geckos. This leaves geckos come from Madagascar. This gecko uses its tail to mimic a leaf or camouflage as a form of self defense.
6. Leaf Fish
This Fish of the Amazon river is actually shaped like a dead leaf, ranging from body shape to the movement, that slowly oscillate in the flow of the river surface.

This leaves the fish makes smaller fish as a prey by drawing attention through the organs in the chin that resembles a worm. When the prey has approached it, this fish with a super fast (less than a quarter of a second), lengthened his mouth, sucking the victim and returned to its original position.

That is amazing creature. You were amaze by that. That is the power of God to fill this earth by many magnificent things for us to see and think about it.
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    leaf fish plg best!

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