8 Rare Flavors of Pepsi You Never Heard About

Posted: August 13, 2010 in Fun & Fact, Inspiration
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When we think of a refreshing favor of beverage,  the first thing that comes to our minds is cucumber.


This one’s not so “WTF?” as it is “Why TF is this not on the shelves of every grocery store and gas station on planet Earth?”


For some reason, the following flavor of Pepsi is only available in southern Europe, and unavailable in Afghanistan, Iraq, East Timor, and Northern Ireland. We’re not exactly sure why…


You know those big, wonky-looking trees that you see in video montages of Dakkar rallies and National Geographic photo spreads of Africa? The ones that look like giant desert broccoli plants? No? Well Pepsi thought they’d make for a good flavor of soda.


Tamarind, Mango, and Sunblock are apparently the flavors behind the short-lived Pepsi Samba:


The head of new product development at Pepsico, Mr. Presley, could not be reached for comment on the following flavor.


This flavor is based on a Japanese sweet bean named “Azuki”.  We’ll refrain from singing a soda version of the “beans, beans” song.  But you get the idea.


And finally, everyone likes herbs and spices, right?  Well let’s just put them into soda.  How about one that tastes like basil?  What, the kids won’t go for it?  They will if it’s neon green!



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