10 Unusual Kitchen Appliances

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Inspiration
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A part of me thinks that mainstream designers focus more on creating sleeker, streamlined appliances. The general consensus would be to appreciate their efforts, but for someone like me, who gets to view designs as quirky and bizarre as the following… another sleek toaster is like drinking flat Coke. If you enjoy the fizz and appreciate spunk, come join me fitting a hypothetical kitchen with some really quirky appliances!

1. The Smile Cooking Toaster by Xu Yan Xiang

Does your toast smile at you in the morning or is it a grumpy old man? Know for sure via the transparent heating elements. FYI, I DKDC (don’t know, don’t care) how most of the appliances featured in this list will work, they are here solely on the basis of the bizarreness:

10 Unusual Kitchen Appliances 01

10 Unusual Kitchen Appliances 02

2. Bang Bang Egg Steamer by Lo Chi Di

If you think pop-up toaster was the best invention, think again! Hardboiled egg gets better with its own pop-up niche to cook in. Bang Bang Egg Steamer, it’s the ultimate way to make an egg:


3. Portable Toaster by Been Kim

Butter Knife? No, Toaster Knife… spreads warmth and glow to make a crisp toast! The dainty butterflies that flit across actually represent the heat-strength of this Portable Toaster:

Portable Toaster by Been Kim

4. RabMixer by Ming Tong

Rabbits like carrots, but RabMixer here can help you bake awesome carrot cakes. Grab the bunny by its ear and get bake-happy!

RabMixer by Ming Tong

5. Throwing Knife Block

– allows you to vent your anger in a sort-of civilized way, more info.

Throwing Knife Block

6. Egg Cuber

Being a Borg means that you love everything squared and cubed off. So, here we go, here is an Egg Cuber for a perfect Borg Breakfast

Egg cuber

7. Medieval Espresso Machine

As an even crazier addition to our exceptional and gorgeous Espresso Machines collection, here is the one FROM THE DUNGEON, no less. Get your last wish, a frothy cup of espresso / latte, of course!


8. Pacman Oven Mitts and Microwave Smores Maker

-go well together in a geeky kitchen


9. The Radical Six Part Toaster by Matt Gossington

For pure ornamental purposes only! This is the six slots toaster that looks like a cute star fish from the top:


10. Rollable Microwave Oven by Hyun Choi

A space saving microwave concept… you can’t have anything more bizarre and obvious than this in you kitchen!


  1. bendedspoon says:

    i likey the egg cubes! 🙂

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