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The most common among the ideas about the Asian girls is that they are not at all trendy, so to say. The most interesting thing is that the people who hold this opinion are mostly of some other continent. It is not that the Asians themselves do not believe in this. There are, of course, many people even in Asia who are of the perception that the Asian girls or women are more beautiful than sexy. These are not mere stray ideas of certain group of people. The most frustrating thing is that this idea is a very conventional one and it has become a traditional idea. Here is few beautiful paintings of Asian girls:

asian girl1 Asian girls   painting

asian girl2 Asian girls   painting

asian girl3 Asian girls   painting

asian girl4 Asian girls   painting

asian girl5 Asian girls   painting

asian girl6 Asian girls   painting

asian girl7 Asian girls   painting

asian girl8 Asian girls   painting

asian girl9 Asian girls   painting

asian girl10 Asian girls   painting

asian girl11 Asian girls   painting

asian girl12 Asian girls   painting

asian girl13 Asian girls   painting

asian girl14 Asian girls   painting

asian girl15 Asian girls   painting

asian girl16 Asian girls   painting

asian girl17 Asian girls   painting

asian girl18 Asian girls   painting

asian girl19 Asian girls   painting

asian girl20 Asian girls   painting

asian girl21 Asian girls   painting

asian girl22 Asian girls   painting

1. World’s Smallest Dog: 12.4 cm (4.9-inch) tall

worlds 10 smallest animals01 Worlds 10 Smallest Animals

At 1.4 pounds and 4.9 inches tall, Ducky, a yappy short-coat Chihuahua from Charlton (Massachusetts, USA), holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s smallest living dog (by height). Ducky succeeds Danka Kordak of Slovakia, a Chihuahua who measured 5.4 inches tall. The smallest dog ever, according to Guinness, was a dwarf Yorkshire terrier who stood 2.8 inches tall.

2. World’s Smallest Snake: 10.1 cm (4-inch) long

worlds 10 smallest animals02 Worlds 10 Smallest Animals

Leptotyphlops carlae is the world’s smallest species of snake, with adults averaging just under four inches in length. Found on the Caribbean island of Barbados, the species –which is as thin as a spaghetti noodle and small enough to rest comfortably on a U.S. quarter– was discovered by Blair Hedges.

3. World’s Smallest Fish: 7.9 mm (0.3-inch) long

worlds 10 smallest animals03 Worlds 10 Smallest Animals

On January 2006, the world’s smallest fish was discovered on the Indonesian island of Sumatra: a member of the carp family of fish, the Paedocypris progenetica. It is the world’s smallest vertebrate or backboned animal; only 7.9 mm (0.3 inches) long.

The title, however, is contested by 6.2 mm (0.2 in) long male anglerfish Photocorynus spiniceps (not technically a fish but a sexual parasite) and the 7 mm (0.27 in) long male stout infantfish Schindleria brevipinguis.

4. World’s Smallest Horse: 43.18 cm (17-inch) tall

worlds 10 smallest animals04 Worlds 10 Smallest Animals

The little horse was born to Paul and Kay Goessling, who specialize in breeding miniature horses, but even for the breed Thumbelina is particularly small: she is thought to be a dwarf-version of the breed. At just 60 lb and 17-inch tall, the five-year-old Thumbelina is the world’s smallest horse.

5. World’s Smallest Cat: 15.5 cm (6.1-inch) high and 49 cm (19.2-inch) long

worlds 10 smallest animals05 Worlds 10 Smallest Animals

Meet Mr. Peebles. He lives in central Illinois, is two years old, weighs about three pounds and is the world’s smallest cat! The cat’s small stature was verified by the Guinness Book of World Records on 2004.

6. World’s Smallest Hamster: 2.5 cm (0.9-inch) tall

worlds 10 smallest animals06 Worlds 10 Smallest Animals

Only slightly bigger than a 50p piece, PeeWee is the smallest hamster in the world. Weighing less than an ounce, the golden hamster stopped growing when he was three weeks old – his five brothers and sisters went on to measure between 4in and 5in.

7. World’s Smallest Chameleon: 1.2 cm (0.5-inch) long

worlds 10 smallest animals07 Worlds 10 Smallest Animals

The Brookesia Minima is the world’s smallest species of chameleon. This one is just half an inch. Found on the rainforest floor of Nosy Be Island off the north-west coast of Madagascar, females tend to be larger than males.

8. World’s Smallest Lizard: 16 mm (0.6-inch) long

worlds 10 smallest animals08 Worlds 10 Smallest Animals

So small it can curl up on a dime or stretch out on a quarter, a typical adult of the species, whose scientific name is Sphaerodactylus ariasae is only about 16 millimeters long, or about three quarters of an inch, from the tip of the snout to the base of the tail. It shares the title of “smallest” with another lizard species named Sphaerodactylus parthenopion, discovered in 1965 in the British Virgin Islands.

9. World’s Smallest Cattle: 81 cm (31-inch) height

worlds 10 smallest animals09 Worlds 10 Smallest Animals

The world’s smallest cattle is a rare breed of an Indian zebu called the Vechur cow. The average height of this breed of cattle is 31 to 35 inches (81 to 91 cm). The photo above shows a 16 year old Vechur cattle as compared to a 6 year old HF cross-breed cow.

10. World’s Smallest Seahorse: 16 mm (0.6-inch) long

worlds 10 smallest animals10 Worlds 10 Smallest Animals

The creature, known as Hippocampus denise, is typically just 16 millimetres long – smaller than most fingernails. Some were found to be just 13 mm long. H. denise lives in the tropical waters of the western Pacific Ocean, between 13 and 90 metres beneath the surface.

Socotra is a small Yemeni archipelago of four islands and islets in the Indian Ocean off the coast of the Horn of Africa, about 350 kilometers south of the Arabian peninsula. Socotra is one of the most isolated landforms on Earth of continental origin. The archipelago features narrow coastal plains, a limestone plateau with caves, and mountains which rise to 1,525 meters above sea level.

socorta island01 Socorta Island

Like the Galapagos Islands, this island is teeming with 700 extremely rare species of flora and fauna, a full 1/3 of which are endemic, i.e. found nowhere else on Earth.

socorta island02 Socorta Island

Socotra is home to more than 800 species of plants, some 240 of which are endemic to the island, and there are certainly many more plant species that have yet to be discovered. The climate is harsh, hot and dry, and yet – the most amazing plant life thrives there.

socorta island03 Socorta Island

socorta island04 Socorta Island

socorta island05 Socorta Island

socorta island06 Socorta Island

socorta island07 Socorta Island

A Dragon’s Blood Tree (Dracaena cinnabari) is seen in front of the Skund mountains on the island of Socotra, Yemen. The tree is so named because any injury to the bark results in a deep red liquid excreting from the scar – compared in the past to the “Blood of Dragons”.

socorta island08 Socorta Island

The branches spread out into the sky and from below appear to hover over the landscape like so many flying saucers… and from above they have a distinct mushroom look.

socorta island09 Socorta Island

socorta island10 Socorta Island

socorta island11 Socorta Island

The branches spread out into the sky and from below appear to hover over the landscape like so many flying saucers… and from above they have a distinct mushroom look.

socorta island12 Socorta Island

socorta island13 Socorta Island

A Socotran Fig Tree (Dorstenia gigas) with a bizare swollen trunk that almost has human proportions grows against a limestone rock face on the island of Socotra. The plants are one of over 300 plant species endemic to the island.

socorta island14 Socorta Island

socorta island15 Socorta Island

socorta island16 Socorta Island

socorta island17 Socorta Island

socorta island18 Socorta Island

socorta island19 Socorta Island

socorta island20 Socorta Island

socorta island21 Socorta Island

socorta island22 Socorta Island

socorta island23 Socorta Island

socorta island24 Socorta Island

These masterpiece eggs are created by jeweler Peter Carl Fabergés and they are the most unique and expensive eggs (not the real egg of course) in the world. Made from expensive metals or gemstones and decorated with a combination of enamel and gem, these exquisite eggs can be found in museums and private collections.

faberges exquisite jeweled eggs01 Fabergés Exquisite Jeweled Eggs

faberges exquisite jeweled eggs02 Fabergés Exquisite Jeweled Eggs

faberges exquisite jeweled eggs03 Fabergés Exquisite Jeweled Eggs

faberges exquisite jeweled eggs04 Fabergés Exquisite Jeweled Eggs

faberges exquisite jeweled eggs05 Fabergés Exquisite Jeweled Eggs

faberges exquisite jeweled eggs06 Fabergés Exquisite Jeweled Eggs

faberges exquisite jeweled eggs07 Fabergés Exquisite Jeweled Eggs

faberges exquisite jeweled eggs08 Fabergés Exquisite Jeweled Eggs

faberges exquisite jeweled eggs09 Fabergés Exquisite Jeweled Eggs

faberges exquisite jeweled eggs10 Fabergés Exquisite Jeweled Eggs

faberges exquisite jeweled eggs11 Fabergés Exquisite Jeweled Eggs

faberges exquisite jeweled eggs12 Fabergés Exquisite Jeweled Eggs

Ailurus Fulgens

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Red pandas live in moderate climes in deciduous and cone-bearing woods. The maximal life of the Ailurus fulgens is fourteen years, but the intermediate is 8 to ten. Red panda’s action changes end-to-end the class based on the temperature, feeding authoritieses, and the bearing of young.

ailurus fulgens01 Ailurus Fulgens

ailurus fulgens02 Ailurus Fulgens

ailurus fulgens03 Ailurus Fulgens

ailurus fulgens04 Ailurus Fulgens

ailurus fulgens05 Ailurus Fulgens

ailurus fulgens06 Ailurus Fulgens

ailurus fulgens07 Ailurus Fulgens

ailurus fulgens08 Ailurus Fulgens

ailurus fulgens09 Ailurus Fulgens

ailurus fulgens10 Ailurus Fulgens

ailurus fulgens11 Ailurus Fulgens

ailurus fulgens12 Ailurus Fulgens

ailurus fulgens13 Ailurus Fulgens

1. Striking Bright Green Snake

Commonly known as Gumprecht’s green pit viper, is found in the Southeast Asian region of Greater Mekong.

the 10 most disturbing animals on earth01 The Most Disturbing Animals

2. Snakefish

Snakefish can be up to over a metre in length and over 6 kilograms in weight. Most snakefish are 2-3 feet long. Some describe snakefish as having a voracious appetite, often consuming all other fish in a lake or pond and even eating its young. It can slither across land, staying out of water for up to three days, to find new sources of food. Norton also warns that once on land snakeheads can eat almost any small animal in its path. They have even attacked people in China who got too close to snakehead egg nesting areas.

the 10 most disturbing animals on earth02 The Most Disturbing Animals

3. Giant Isopod

This Terminator look-alike is a Giant Isopod (Bathynomus giganteus), a carnivorous crustacean that spends its time scavenging the deep ocean floor, up to 6,000ft down on the seabed where there is no light. In the pitch black and cold, they survive by feasting on dead and decaying fish and other marine animals.

the 10 most disturbing animals on earth03 The Most Disturbing Animals

4. Aye-Aye

Considered by locals as a harbinger of misfortune, the Aye-aye is one of the world’s most rare and bizarre looking primates. To the Malagasy people, the aye-aye is magical, and believed to bring death to the village it appears in; therefore they’re often killed on sight. The aye-aye is the world’s largest nocturnal primate with an average head and body length of 16 inches (40 centimeters), a long bushy tail of 2 feet (61 centimeters) long, and weighs about 4 pounds (2 kilos). The Aye-aye has large beady eyes, black hair, and large spoon-shaped ears. It has 5-fingered hands with flat nails, with a middle finger up to 3 times the length of the others.

the 10 most disturbing animals on earth04 The Most Disturbing Animals

5. Star-Nosed Mole

One of the most intriguing stars in the universe is right here on Earth: the eleven pairs of pink fleshy appendages ringing the snout of the star-nosed mole (Condylura cristata). His star is an extraordinary touch organ with more than 25,000 minute sensory receptors, called Eimer’s organs, with which this hamster-sized mole feels its way around.

the 10 most disturbing animals on earth05 The Most Disturbing Animals

6. The Frilled Lizard

The frilled lizard (Chlamydosaurus kingi) is a yellowish-brown Australian lizard has got a large frill of skin to the sides of the neck and throat. It is about 90 cm/35 in long, and when is angry or alarmed, it erects its frill, which may be as much as 25cm/10 in in diameter, thus giving itself the appearance of being larger than it really is. Frilled lizards are generally tree-living but may spend some time on the ground, where they run with their forelimbs in the air.

the 10 most disturbing animals on earth06 The Most Disturbing Animals

7. Leaf-Tailed Gecko

The Giant leaf-tailed gecko (Uroplatus fimbriatus) is endemic to Madagascar and the islands Nosy Bohara and Nosy Mangabe. These geckos live in tropical rain forests and reach a total length of 330 mm. A large nocturnal gecko, by day it plasters it self to a small tree trunk and rests head down. If disturbed it will raise it tail and head, open its mouth and scream… and call his mom.

the 10 most disturbing animals on earth07 The Most Disturbing Animals

8. Kerivoula Kachinensis

Another of the species found in one of the world’s last scientifically unexplored regions, Asia’s Greater Mekong, the Kerivoula Kachinensis is one of the most disturbing bats ever found.

the 10 most disturbing animals on earth08 The Most Disturbing Animals

9. The Naked Mole Rat

The Naked Mole Rat has little hair (hence the common name) and wrinkled pink or yellowish skin. The naked mole rat is also of interest because it is extraordinarily long-lived for a rodent of its size (up to 28 years). The secret of their longevity is debated, but is thought to be related to the fact that they can shut down their metabolism during hard times, and so prevent oxidative damage.

 The Most Disturbing Animals

10. Puss Caterpillar

The inch-long Puss Caterpillar is generously coated in long, luxuriant hair-like setae, making it resemble a tiny Persian cat. The ‘fur’ of the larva contains venomous spines that cause extremely painful reactions in human skin upon contact. The reactions are sometimes localized to the affected area but are often very severe, radiating up a limb and causing burning, swelling, nausea, headache, abdominal distress, rashes, blisters, and sometimes chest pain, numbness, or difficulty breathing (Eagleman 2008). Additionally, it is not unusual to find sweating from the welts or hives at the site of the sting. M. opercularis can be found on oaks, elms, citrus and other trees, and many garden plants such as roses and ivy. It is distributed throughout the southern United States, Mexico, and parts of Central America. The larva does not spin a real cocoon, rather, it separates from its furry skin and uses it as a protective covering while it pupates.

the 10 most disturbing animals on earth10 The Most Disturbing Animals

Old England

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Let’s take a look at these old photos and imagine how people lived at this time..without light, gas, wc..they had different troubles, but after all they didn’t have traffic jams! Would you like to live in such England? Waiting for your comments..

old england01 Old England

About England

England is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. Its inhabitants account for more than 83% of the total UK population, whilst its mainland territory occupies most of the southern two-thirds of the island of Great Britain. England shares land borders with Scotland to the north and Wales to the west and elsewhere is bordered by the North Sea, Irish Sea, Celtic Sea, Bristol Channel and English Channel. The capital is London, the largest urban area in Great Britain, and the largest urban zone in the European Union by most, but not all, measures.

old england02 Old England

England became a unified state in the year 927 and takes its name from the Angles, one of the Germanic tribes who settled there during the 5th and 6th centuries. It has had a significant cultural and legal impact on the wider world being the place of origin of the English language, the Church of England and English law, which forms the basis of the common law legal systems of many countries around the world. In addition, England was the birth place of the Industrial Revolution and the first country in the world to industrialise. It is home to the Royal Society, which laid the foundations of modern experimental science. England is the world’s oldest parliamentary system and consequently many constitutional, governmental and legal innovations that had their origin in England have been widely adopted by other nations.

old england03 Old England

The Kingdom of England (including Wales) continued as a separate state until 1 May 1707, when the Acts of Union, putting into effect the terms agreed in the Treaty of Union the previous year, resulted in political union with the Kingdom of Scotland to create the united Kingdom of Great Britain. In 1800, Great Britain was united with Ireland through another Act of Union 1800 to become the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. In 1921, the Irish Free State was created, and the Royal and Parliamentary Titles Act in 1927 officially established the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, which exists today.

old england04 Old England

old england05 Old England

old england06 Old England

old england07 Old England

old england08 Old England

old england09 Old England

old england10 Old England

old england11 Old England

old england12 Old England

old england13 Old England

old england14 Old England

old england15 Old England

old england16 Old England

old england17 Old England

old england18 Old England

old england19 Old England

old england20 Old England

old england21 Old England

old england22 Old England

old england23 Old England

Taj Mahal

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taj mahal01 Taj Mahal

Truly one of the world’s greatest architectural feats, the Taj Mahal complex in Agra, India was built by the Emperor Shah Jahan in honor of his wife Arjuman Banu Begum, between 1630 and 1653. The seat of the Mughal Empire, the Taj’s buildings together combine Indian, Persian, and Turkish architecture.

taj mahal02 Taj Mahal

taj mahal03 Taj Mahal

taj mahal04 Taj Mahal

taj mahal05 Taj Mahal

taj mahal06 Taj Mahal

taj mahal07 Taj Mahal

taj mahal08 Taj Mahal

taj mahal09 Taj Mahal

taj mahal10 Taj Mahal

taj mahal11 Taj Mahal

taj mahal12 Taj Mahal

taj mahal13 Taj Mahal

taj mahal14 Taj Mahal

taj mahal15 Taj Mahal

the great wall in china01 The Great Wall Of China

The Great Wall of China is a series of stone and earthen fortifications in China, built, rebuilt, and maintained between the 5th century BC and the 16th century to protect the northern borders of the Chinese Empire from Xiongnu attacks during the rule of successive dynasties. Several walls, referred to as the Great Wall of China, were built since the 5th century BC. One of the most famous is the wall built between 220–206 BC by the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang; little of it remains; it was much farther north than the current wall, which was built during the Ming Dynasty.

the great wall in china02 The Great Wall Of China

The Great Wall stretches over approximately 6,400 km (4,000 miles) from Shanhaiguan in the east to Lop Nur in the west, along an arc that roughly delineates the southern edge of Inner Mongolia, but stretches to over 6,700 km (4,160 miles) in total. At its peak, the Ming Wall was guarded by more than one million men. It has been estimated that somewhere in the range of 2 to 3 million Chinese died as part of the centuries-long project of building the wall.

the great wall in china03 The Great Wall Of China

the great wall in china04 The Great Wall Of China

the great wall in china05 The Great Wall Of China

the great wall in china06 The Great Wall Of China

the great wall in china07 The Great Wall Of China

the great wall in china08 The Great Wall Of China

the great wall in china09 The Great Wall Of China

the great wall in china10 The Great Wall Of China

the great wall in china11 The Great Wall Of China

the great wall in china12 The Great Wall Of China

The Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk is a stealth base fighter aircraft formerly operated by the United States Air Force. The F-117A’s first base flight was in 1981, and it reached Initial Operational Capability status in Oct 1983.The F-117A was “acknowledged” and displayed to the globe in Nov 1988.

f 117 nighthawk01 F 117 Nighthawk

f 117 nighthawk02 F 117 Nighthawk

f 117 nighthawk03 F 117 Nighthawk

f 117 nighthawk04 F 117 Nighthawk

f 117 nighthawk05 F 117 Nighthawk

f 117 nighthawk06 F 117 Nighthawk

f 117 nighthawk07 F 117 Nighthawk

f 117 nighthawk08 F 117 Nighthawk

f 117 nighthawk09 F 117 Nighthawk

f 117 nighthawk10 F 117 Nighthawk

f 117 nighthawk11 F 117 Nighthawk

f 117 nighthawk12 F 117 Nighthawk

f 117 nighthawk13 F 117 Nighthawk

f 117 nighthawk14 F 117 Nighthawk

f 117 nighthawk15 F 117 Nighthawk

f 117 nighthawk16 F 117 Nighthawk

f 117 nighthawk17 F 117 Nighthawk

f 117 nighthawk18 F 117 Nighthawk