Top 10 Weirdest Jobs

Posted: September 22, 2010 in Fun & Fact
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Pet Food Taster:

1 Pet Food Taster Top 10 Weirdest Jobs

Not only do these people eat dog food, some actually enjoy it! Since animals obviously can’t tell us what they think of their food, the testers eat the food to determine whether it tastes good – and they have to compare it with their competitions dog food. Now we know where those descriptions from commercials, and on the outside of the bags, come from!

Gross Stunt Producer:

If you’ve ever seen a show like Fear Factor, where people have to do disgusting things for money (like wade through rat-infested sewers or eat living bugs), and wondered who comes up with that crazy stuff, that’s where the gross stunt producer comes in. It actually takes a lot of research to make sure that the twisted entertainment is safe while still being gross.

Bad Breath Smeller:

Bad Breath Smeller Top 10 Weirdest Jobs

How else would you figure out if your company’s chewing gum is getting the job done? It’s these people’s job to make sure that the gum helps eliminate funky breath.

Whiskey Ambassador:

Getting paid to drink whiskey-sounds like a great job huh? It’s probably every college kid’s dream. These lucky whiskey connoisseurs select the best whiskeys and teach clients how to fully appreciate each whiskey’s nuances.


These are the people you see on television explaining, so convincingly, why Big Foot or the Loch Ness monster are real. Talk about using science skills in less conventional ways.


You’d be surprised how much you can learn from…poop. Pathoecologists study feces from thousands of years ago, learning much about the lifestyles and diets of our ancestors. Hey, at least it’s fossilized!

Chicken Sexer:

Chicken Sexer Top 10 Weirdest Jobs

Even the job title is strange! But the actual job responsibilities for this job is pretty boring – they just have to figure out whether baby chicks are male or female, and then sort them accordingly.

Foley Artist:

Since cameras can’t pick up basic sounds very well, like a door slamming, it’s a foley artist’s job to emphasize it. You’ve heard their work all the time and probably didn’t even realize it-foley artists are responsible for making those everyday environmental sounds in movies and shows on television. They often utilize whatever objects they please to get the sound right.

Queen Bee Producer:

1443 Top 10 Weirdest Jobs

These people raise not just any bee, but the most impressive of them all: the queens. But if a stinging bees buzzing around your head makes you squirm, this probably isn’t the job for you.


Say it u-f-o-ologist. As the name implies, ufologists study UFO’s. They research the history, recent sightings, and government conspiracies about the alien aircraft.

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