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Artist Shi Jindian has taken sculpturing to a whole new level. He uses steel, or more precisely steel wires, to make spectacular three-dimensional objects. Some of his work is wire framed motorcycles, chairs and even skulls.

It took him a lot of practice to make the sculptures look how he wanted them to, and his famous technique is to take a steel wire and wrap it around an object. After several hundred wires are put around the object, he destroys it from the inside, leaving only the item’s “skeleton.”

His work is exhibited at the White Rabbit Gallery. Mr Jindian’s talents certainly place him  among the top modern artists in the world.

giant fried egg01 Giant Fried Egg

Artist Henk Hofstra who was inspired by his breakfast created these public art display of giant fried egg sculptures in Leeuwarden Netherlands which will remain in the city square for the next five months. His works has been a hit with the public and one commentator hoped the eggs would be picked up by Google Maps.

Just have a look at these magnificent Giant Fried Egg Sculptures In Netherlands.

giant fried egg02 Giant Fried Egg

giant fried egg03 Giant Fried Egg

giant fried egg04 Giant Fried Egg

Beautiful Wooden Sculptures

Posted: September 19, 2010 in Inspiration
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Noble tree is a favorite material for the work of many sculptors. What age is growing, standing still in the same place, waiting to be used for artistic work… These beautiful, wooden sculptures are fabulous as woods described in so many stories. Wizards, forest fairies, Mogli… living in the woods, and in this case are like Pinocchio and made of wood.

beautiful wooden sculptures01

beautiful wooden sculptures02

beautiful wooden sculptures03

beautiful wooden sculptures04

beautiful wooden sculptures05

beautiful wooden sculptures06

beautiful wooden sculptures07

beautiful wooden sculptures08

beautiful wooden sculptures09

beautiful wooden sculptures10

beautiful wooden sculptures11

beautiful wooden sculptures12

beautiful wooden sculptures13

beautiful wooden sculptures14

beautiful wooden sculptures15

beautiful wooden sculptures16

beautiful wooden sculptures17

beautiful wooden sculptures18

beautiful wooden sculptures19

beautiful wooden sculptures20

beautiful wooden sculptures21

beautiful wooden sculptures22

beautiful wooden sculptures23

beautiful wooden sculptures24

beautiful wooden sculptures25

Homeless Sculptures

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Inspiration
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The Danish artist , created big bronze sculptures of homeless people, all in natural size.
“I create these sculptures because the biggest threat in a society is not the foreigners, but the way we welcome the foreigners,” says Jens Galschiøt and Ninna Hoegh continuous; “By using the sculptures made by Jens Galschiøt, we will make an alternative debate concerning the rights of the homeless people.”

In April 2010 Jens brought all hes sculptures at the European Parliament (Brussels) as part of campaign “Ending homelessness is possible! How can the EU effectively contribute to the fight against homelessness?”.